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Dumbbell Bicep Exercises

Biceps, in Latin, means two heads. Etymology apart, biceps is synonymous with physical strength as flexing of biceps is very easily seen. There are about 25 odd workouts for biceps that can be done using a pair of dumbbells. Here are two of the most commonly used ones.

Standing Curls

Standing curls is one of the most common dumbbell bicep exercises and is almost similar to barbell curl. Standing curls gives a nice and strong workout to biceps as well as the forearms.

Hold a pair of dumbbells preferably light ones and stand such that your feet are about one and a half feet apart. With your elbows fixed close to your body, let the arm along with the dumbbells hang along your body. Now move your forearms using your biceps to curl the dumbbells up to the level of your shoulders. Remember to hold the dumbbells over-arm in the beginning and slowly rotate the wrist to an under-arm position by the time the dumbbells reach the shoulder. Once the dumbbells are at shoulder level, hold them at that position for 5 seconds to ensure highest peak contraction in the biceps. Now slowly trace back the movement to the initial position. Do ten repetitions of this work for each of the hands.

Hammer Curls

This dumbbell bicep exercise is quite similar to normal dumbbell curls and it nicely works the brachilis in addition to the biceps and the forearm.

Hold a pair of dumbbells underhand such that the palms are facing your body. Keep your feet spaced one and a half feet apart and let loose your arm such that the dumbbells hang alongside your body. It is important that the elbows are firmly placed close to your body at all times. Use your biceps as well as the forearm muscles to curl the wrist up to your shoulder. I repeat; ensure that your palms should maintain facing the body at all times during curling the dumbbells. As the dumbbells reach shoulder level, keep them at that position for five seconds to get maximum peak contraction in your biceps. Now trace back the movement slowly to get back to the initial posture. Do ten repetitions for each of the arms. 

After the body, it is now the turn of the mind. Here is a small useless piece of trivia. Biceps sounds like a plural, but it actually denotes a single strand of muscle. Plural of biceps is bicepses.

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