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Welcome to Dumbbell Routine

Dumbbell routine is here to help all people to learn about dumbbell workouts and exercises.  

We have example Dumbbell Workouts, Dumbbell Routine Tips dumbbell Routines For Men and Routines For Women.  If you are looking to specifically exercise your biceps or triceps check out our pages on dumbbell Tricep Exercises and Bicep Exercises.  Maybe a full body Dumbbell Workout is what you are looking for or you might want to pick your own Dumbbell Exercises.

The Dumbbell Equipment article will help you to choose the best equipment. Increasing your strength using dumbbells can be difficult at times but our Strength Training Routine will help you.

What is a dumbbell?
Itís a piece of weight training equipment.  Itís a hand held free weight that usually comes in pairs. They are generally used to exercise the arms by body builders, sports people and gym-goers.



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