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Dumbbell Tricep Exercises

Admit it. You have always longed for those bulging triceps. There is nothing more macho than a king size tricep. All you need to get those is lots of self discipline and two dumbbells. Yes, you heard it right, only two dumbbells by using dumbbell tricep exercises.

Tricep Extensions

Dumbbell tricep extensions exercise the triceps, primarily the long inner head of your triceps.

Take a dumbbell, preferably a light one and stand such that your feet are shoulder width apart. Lift your arm such that the dumbbell is at a height of arms length right above you shoulder. Just ensure that your knees are slightly bent. This takes the pressure off your lower back and also provides some exercise to your thigh muscles. Now lower the dumbbell, nice and slow, following an arc motion behind your head while keeping your elbow fixed near your ear. Do this until your elbow forms a ninety degree angle. Then lift the dumbbell back in a similar arc motion to the initial position. Ensure that your armpit to elbow part of the arm remains steady and doesn’t sway. Do ten repetitions of this work out. Now repeat the same motion for your other hand. If you are using a heavier weight, you can do the same workout by using both your hands.  

Tricep Kick Backs

Tricep kick backs are one of the better dumbbell tricep exercises and stimulate all the 3 heads of the triceps. Additionally, dumbbell tricep kickbacks offer great peak muscle contraction.

Just like tricep extensions, pick up a light dumbbell as you can use only one hand for this workout. Place yourself next to a flat, sable surface like a flat exercise bench. Stoop from the waist till your upper torso makes 90 degrees with your legs. Use the other hand to support your weight by placing it on the flat exercise bench.

Ensure that your upper arm is kept fixed along your torso while doing this work out. Move your forearm to lift the dumbbell to a position where your arm is straight and follow an arc motion in this process. The key to achieving peak contraction in the triceps is holding the dumbbells in this position for 5 seconds. Now return to the original position slow and steady. Do ten repetitions of this workout. Repeat this workout for the other arm.

Follow this routine for two months to see your triceps bulge out. Happy tricep exercising.

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