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Dumbbell Strength Training Routine

Strength training routines build up your body muscles, increase your metabolism and energy level. You might have heard of thousands of strength training programs and methodologies. Most of them cater to professional body builders and advanced level exercisers. If you are a novice, some of these routines might confuse you with the medical and gym jargon.

You may also end up believing that strength and weight training needs sophisticated and expensive fitness machines. Nothing could be further from truth. Dumbbells, the leader of all fitness equipment offer you a range of strength training workouts. Pick and choose exercises depending on your present body status and put them together to get the perfect dumbbell strength training routine. Here are our singled out dumbbell exercises for strength training.

Strength training exercises:


  1. Seated bicep curls
  2. Standing bicep curls
  3. Incline dumbbell curl
  4. Standing one arm and two arms dumbbell curl


  1. Tricep overhead extension
  2. Bent kickbacks, one arm and two arms


  1. Flat dumbbell press
  2. Incline dumbbell press
  3. Decline dumbbell press
  4. Bent arm dumbbell pull over
  5. Flat dumbbell fly

Forearm (inner)

  1. Wrist curls with palms up
  2. Wrist curl with neutral grip

Forearm (outer)

a. Wrist curl with palms down

Fixing the frequency:  

So now you know workouts for each of your body parts. The next logical question is how much? Are 3 sessions per week sufficient? Or you need to go for 5 sessions a week, with each session lasting for 1 hour? The answer lies in your present body status and your goals. Always remember that muscles donít grow when you are working out. As a matter of fact, muscles wear out when you are exercising. Muscles develop when your body is at rest. After each exercise, the body develops new muscles to replace worn out muscles and in anticipation of future wear outs. So, it is very important to schedule the workouts in such a way that the muscles get sufficient time to recuperate. So, if you are working out your chest on Monday, give it a break until Friday, and instead work your forearm and other body parts on Wednesday. The chest can have its share of work out again on Friday.

Number of repetitions:

Another important question that confuses beginners is the weight of the dumbbells and number of repetitions to be used per sitting. Identifying the right dumbbell involves a trial and error process. The rule of thumb being: Use the weight with which you can do ten repetitions with 85% of your maximum effort.

Get going with the dumbbells and an attractive strong physique is not far away.

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