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Dumbbell Exercises

No exercise regime is complete without a dedicated session of dumbbell exercises. Dumbbell exercises form an integral part of any weight training regime and are good at targeting a specific muscle or a group of muscles. You will not get a cheaper, better and more convenient set of exercises than dumbbell exercises.

The health and fitness industry has seen tremendous innovation over the last couple of decades. Introduction of new technologies have revolutionized the way an individual attains a desired fitness level. However, the versatility of the dumbbell and the effectiveness of dumbbell exercises have not been replaced by any other piece of exercise machinery.

Following is a non exhaustive list explaining why dumbbells will be an integral part of any gym:

  1. The baby step: Dumbbell exercises epitomize simplicity. Dumbbells exercises are the easiest set of exercises and generally form the 1st phase of any long term fitness plan. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, thirty minutes a day and determination to achieve the dream body.
  1. Exercises are not only about bulging muscles or a powerful body. To most of us, exercising is all about having a balanced, well toned body with a great physical appearance. While doing dumbbell exercises you need to use stabilizing muscles to guide your movement, apart from working on your targeted set of muscles. Development of these stabilizing muscles is critical to overall balance and strength of your body.    
  1. Inexpensive, versatile, and compact: Dumbbell exercises generally follow the normal movement patterns of the body, and hence have a much greater range of movement than other weight and strength training set ups. These exercises are versatile and let you isolate your muscles depending on the sport you are training for. Additionally, they donít eat up lots of room in your home. Put them below the rack, or roll them below the sofa, and they are out of sight. 
  1. Play safe: Keep a mirror in front of you and follow some basic safety rules. This will make dumbbell exercises safer than anything else. Using heavier dumbbells, wrong movements or unbalanced motion; there are a couple of ways in which a dumbbell can harm you. But a mirror and a consulting session with an expert can eliminate all possibilities.

So, go ahead and pick up the dumbbells. Kick start your journey towards a healthy body and mind. 

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