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Dumbbell Routines for Men

Dumbbells are the most versatile piece of fitness equipment capable of working out the entire body. With a vast array of exercises to choose from, dumbbell exercises are as useful to a professional body builder as they are to a novice.

Your fingerprint is unique, so is your tongue print and I am sure this is the case for other aspects of your mind and body. This probably tells us why we cannot and should not have one dumbbell routine to fit everyone approach towards exercising. Many factors go behind designing the perfect and the most effective dumbbell routine. The two most important factors being, what is the present state of your muscles and the amount of time you can spare from your busy daily schedule?

A body that already has a strong foundation and has undergone extensive exercise routines needs an entirely different routine with increased intensity as compared to someone who is a novice. And it is obvious that the amount of time that you can invest will define your dumbbell routines.

However, broadly defined, dumbbell routines can be tweaked to suit the requirement of a person. Here is a sample dumbbell routine for someone who aims to shed extra flab and look great.

One hour a week dumbbell routine for beginners:

All it takes to follow this full body workout is one hour a day per week. Needless to say, this is a light routine and fits someone who has an extremely busy schedule. It is important that you concentrate on correct movement patterns and perform each repetition nice and slow. This will ensure an effective and injury free dumbbell routine. Allow yourself a rest of 30 to 60 seconds between sets. Note that this is a beginnersí level routine and will require building onto this routine by picking up new exercises for individual muscles or group of muscles. Most of the dumbbell exercises have been recommended for 10 repetitions as it offers the perfect balance between sufficient workouts and stress. Do not forget to do a light warm up session before starting with this routine.

Squats- Do two sets, with ten repetitions
Stiff legged dead lifts- Do two sets of ten repetitions
Standing calf raises- Do two sets of ten repetitions. If possible, extend it to 20 repetitions.
Bench press- Do two sets of ten repetitions
One-armed rows- Do two sets of ten repetitions
Concentration curls- Do two sets of ten repetitions
Military press- Do two sets of ten repetitions

Kickbacks- Do two sets of ten repetitions
Follow this dumbbell routine for a period of two months to get the full results of the routine.

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