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Build Big Biceps Using Dumbbells

Big or King-sized biceps have always been regarded to be attractive. Kissing your forearms when you flex, big biceps are an ultimate symbol of masculinity. You may not have those now but all kinds of different exercises result in growth of your biceps. This article shows you how to build big biceps with dumbbell routines.

Sleeve splitting biceps would take some time to develop. The fast track to building such biceps irrespective of whether you have the genes on you side or not is here.

Irrespective of what dumbbell routines you follow to increase your biceps size, always make sure that you are hitting the maximum (100%) of the muscle’s capability at the top of the rep, all the time. This makes sure that your biceps are stretched to the maximum, enabling faster and overall growth.

The following a few useful routines that can help you attain those king-sized biceps.

1. Incline Dumbbell Curl

Hold a dumbbell in each hand while sitting on an incline bench. While keeping your chest up and shoulders square, press your torso (upper back & shoulders) against the bench. Hang your arms down, making sure that your palms face each other. Slowly curl the weight in your right hand out, up to the shoulder level, turning your wrist with your thumb on the outside. Make sure you squeeze the bicep at the high and slowly lower the weight down. This can also be done standing, one arm at a time.

2. Dumbbell curl with a twist

Stand straight and upright with a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing forward. Curl both of your arms together until they are three-quarters of the way, twist both your wrists out slightly while driving your elbows into your sides by angling your thumbs toward the floor. Hold the position and then turn your wrists back by getting your palms to face upwards. Alternating reps can also be done if comfortable.

3. Dumbbell Curls

There are various methods of performing bicep curls: standing with dumbbells (both hands curling or alternating), or alternatively one arm positioned on your thigh like concentration curl, preacher curl variations or being seated with dumbbells.

While understanding that the main role of the biceps is elbow flexion, the most logical movement for stimulating the most amount of muscle is the curl, and the most popular, effective and basic curling movement is the standing barbell curl, universally acknowledged as the greatest biceps exercise.

Holding the bar with a shoulder grip, keep your arms towards the floor and lock your elbows an inch away from your sides. Curl the dumbbell or barbell weight towards your chest, keeping the elbows and back stationary. Lower the weight slowly in a full stretch.

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