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Dumbbell Workouts

People generally tend to associate dumbbell workouts with bulging biceps and tearing triceps. The fact is, dumbbell are indeed best suited for building these muscle groups.

However, exercises involving dumbbells have been devised that can work almost every muscle group there by making your entire body fit and healthy. Be it the torso, the chest, the arms or the shoulders, you will find dumbbell exercises that work these muscles as well as any other equipment.

Well, it doesn’t harm if you have a big, expensive gym will all that expensive fitness equipments lying all around. But it remains a fact that dumbbells are the ultimate, no fuss fitness equipment. Dumbbell workouts score over other sophisticated weight training machines on several factors.

  1. Natural movement: Dumbbell workouts utilize many of the natural movements of the body parts to exercise the muscles. Unlike other equipment that uses resistance to offer exercise, the dumbbell is specifically used as a free weight. As a result of which dumbbells offer a much larger range of movements as compared to resistance equipment. This application of dumbbell as a free weight is also used to develop focused muscle groups.
  1. Stabilizing muscles: Dumbbells exercises, and also barbell exercises are unguided exercises. This simply means that at any moment there are quite a few other balancing muscles getting a nice work out in addition to the targeted muscles. The result being a well developed and toned set of balanced muscles. Balancing muscles are critical to a healthy and attractive body as they add to the posture, strength and balance of the body.
  1. One size fits all: The versatility of dumbbells is unmatched by any other fitness equipment. People tend to associate dumbbell work outs with biceps and triceps only. There are probably thousands of methodologies and exercises which have been designed and developed over the years. There are dumbbell exercises that work out the inner as well as outer forearm, the wrist, biceps and triceps, shoulder, chest and even the torso.

In addition, the dumbbell enjoys immense advantage in terms of portability. A set of dumbbells will not gobble up lots of square feet of your home. Roll it under the closet, or put it at the corner. And if you are on holiday, it is easier to find a pair of dumbbells than sophisticated fitness equipment. Be it Bali or Bahamas, dumbbells is something that you will get everywhere. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of dumbbells and start you fitness routine.

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