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Dumbbell Equipment

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. If you want a great body, you need to have dumbbell equipment in your home. Dumbbells do a world of good to your biceps, triceps, chest, forearms and torso. Dumbbell equipment has been designed to give workouts to practically each and every muscle group in your body. Most of the dumbbell equipment available on the market today contains a range of dumbbell weights suitable for working out all major body parts.

Dumbbell equipment epitomizes simplicity and versatility. Though by definition dumbbells are nothing but a free weight with a convenient grip, there is much more to dumbbell equipment design than a lump of metal and a storage rack. Dumbbell equipment has seen enormous innovation in the last couple of decades. Functionally as well as aesthetically; dumbbell equipment of today is miles ahead of their yesteryears’ counterparts. Typical dumbbell equipment consists of a range of dumbbells and a dumbbell rack to stack the dumbbells. Dumbbell racks can be either horizontal, whereby dumbbells are placed alongside parallel to the floor, or vertical wherein dumbbells are stacked one above the other.

Dumbbell equipment is essentially available in two kinds: fixed weight dumbbells and variable weight dumbbells. Fixed weight dumbbells, as the name suggests, are individual dumbbells with a fixed weight. Variable weight dumbbell equipment, on the other hand, consists of a grip rod and a provision of attaching plates of various weights.

Dumbbell equipment comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights. Apart from circular plate dumbbells, hex dumbbells or hexagonal dumbbells are one of the most preferred types of dumbbells. As an added measure of safely, hexagonal dumbbells have hexagonal shaped peripheral plates and do not roll off on an inclined surface.

Apart from heavier metals like iron and various iron based alloys, dumbbells are now available in rubber coated, vinyl coated and neoprene dumbbells. In addition to better aesthetics, these dumbbell equipments incorporate an important safety measure. They are less damaging to toes/body in the case of a slippage whilst exercising.

Dumbbell equipment is easy to buy. It is available in almost all supermarkets, fitness shops and can even be purchased via the internet (although watch out for postage costs). So, there goes your last excuse of not getting a set of dumbbell equipment. So, go ahead and get yourself and your family some dumbbell equipment now.

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