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Dumbbell Routines For Women

Dumbbell routines for women and men alike is complete only if it caters for the entire body. It is important to understand that each exercise of a routine is critical for the body as it has an effect on different muscles. Based on your aspirations a given dumbbell workout routine that works best for you might not be effective for someone else. This is simply because every person is unique and each of us has different goals.

How much time

The ideal frequency of exercising is three to four days per week. Let me reiterate that the effectiveness of a dumbbell routine for women depends on your personal goals. It is important that each muscle is rested for one or two days between workouts. You may workout your abs on Tuesday and Thursday, but surely not every day. Your dumbbell routine should evenly balance the load factor as well as rest days for your body muscles.

Individual exercises:

Biceps curls – You may do this exercise with one arm or even both arms. Whilst working out by doing bicep curls, support your back on the wall to ensure that the bicep muscles are focused.

Chest exercise – This dumbbell workout requires you to decline and incline dumbbells, thereby working out muscles of your lower and upper chest.

Back exercise– You can use either your two hands or one hand to do this workout. Open you legs wide with toes turned to each other and bend your knees slightly. This position gives you stability to lift the dumbbells using both your hands. Additionally, this posture gives your left as well as right back muscles some exercise.

Squats – If your only aim is to stay agile and fit, avoid using big weights. This exercise using heavy dumbbells is taxing for unprepared knees. As a beginner, do three sets with eight to ten repetitions. After a couple of weeks, increase it to 15 repetitions for each set.   

Lunges –Lunges are same as squats. To workout your leg muscles, have a shorter step forward. Longer steps forward offers good workout to primarily butt muscles.

Choosing the right weights to make dumbbell routine for women more effective:

You need to change your workout weights over a period of time. This is so you develop your body muscles and become increasingly confident with workouts and your ability to execute them. At any point of time, the most optimum weight for you is the one that allows you to do about eight to ten repetitions in each exercise. Use trial and error to identify the weight that best suits your body.

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