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Dumbbell Routine Tips

So now that you have opted for strength training, let us look at a few basic rules of exercising. Identifying and doing the right set of exercises is probably the most critical, nevertheless only a small step towards a fit and healthy body. Proper and healthy nutrition, sound sleeping habits and a clean lifestyle is as important as exercises for a body with good physical appearance.  Here is a list of recommended tips that you cannot do without.

  1. Warm up and cool down. Nature hates abrupt changes, so does our body. The key to a smooth and injury free exercise regime is a short and sweet warm up round. An effective warm up activity increases heart beat thereby increasing the metabolism rate of the body. It also increases oxygen supply through blood flow and helps changing the state of muscles from dormant to active. The most common warm up activities include dynamic stretching exercises, mild jogging and various static stretching exercises.
  1. Professional help helps: It is highly recommended that you keep company of professional and qualified fitness experts; maybe you could get a personnel trainer especially if you are a novice. Be it deciding the perfect movement, or the number of reps or even the weight of the dumbbell to be used, professional advice goes a long way in developing a strong base for heavier dumbbell workout routines.
  1. Slow and steady:  It is said that Rome was not built in a single day. How true. A well crafted, soundly built and good looking body is not made in a single day or even single month. It takes a sustained effort to change a flabby body to a muscular one. It is strongly recommended that to start off with, go slow and more importantly, go steady. It is critical to religiously follow a fitness regime and with zero deviation from the planned routine.
  1. It is all in the mind:  Dumbbells, bar bells, treadmills and other expensive workout setups are great. But, what you essentially need is self discipline and the strong internal pressure mechanism. No amount of sophistication can replace the criticality of being a self starter. Distractions and professional/personal commitments often tend to derail our exercising dumbbell routine, especially during the earlier stages.
These recommended tips are not rocket science but are basic and logical. But more often than not, beginners tend to overlook these thereby putting their dumbbell routines into jeopardy.

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